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too effing sick 

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Getting really fucking tired of people not understanding has everybody heard of aj WAKELING the precious angel that was hit by a semi yeah he was one of the four bullies that made my life a living hell made me want to committ suicide everyday of my life and they called him a precious angel yeah go fuck yourselves



Quick post, then I’ll go away for some more time:

Black Cards are great, they make amazing EDM. Create some great wobble. I love how a lot of “diehards” call this crappy and poppy. Fall Out Boy was pop, get over it. Pop-punk (dying genre) and pop-rock. Pete is finally making some amazing music. I liked Fall Out Boy, Folie a Duex will always be a favorite album of mine, but Black Cards create such amazing music.

A favorite comment of mine:

Too bad Pete Wentz went from epic bass to crappy techno.

Right, because he was such an amazing bass player. This also isn’t techno, its dubstep, house, and drum n bass. More house with the occasional wobble. For all purposes, its EDM. Pete makes great music on Black Cards, and I have gained so much respect for from this project. So everyone who thinks  electronic music isn’t real music, or pop. Get your head out of your ass. It makes a shit tone of talent to make electronic music right. Look at deadmau5 or Wolfgang Gartner. 

Rant done.

thnx homie.


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